4HANDS Piano Duo

Czech pianist Kristina Henckel and  Cuban pianist Amanda Virelles formed 4HANDS Piano Duo in 2019. Their duo repertoire includes master pieces from the Classical, Romantic and 20th century periods. Both pianists started performing careers in their countries of origin, and completed doctoral degrees in piano performance and pedagogy in the United States.  Currently, both Kristina and Amanda hold faculty positions in North Carolina, at Sandhills Community College and Fayetteville State University.

Kristina and Amanda just released “Rhapsody in White and Blue”, an album containing music for piano ensemble by American Composers. Click here for a preview of the album

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Kristina and Amanda are winners of an Honorable Mention of

The American Price (TAP)

Kristina Henckel, Solo Piano, 2021

Amanda Virelles, Chamber Music, 2018

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